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These don't look real good, because my master had the flash on and I had to darken the pictures. I kept telling him, "Turn the flash off, stupid!" but he didn't understand. People!

These I had to darken a little too. "The red button, push the red button you knob!" My master doesn't listen very well. Oh well, the pictures are of me, not him. And you're all very lucky for that!

Here I am doing my favorite past-time. If you'll notice the big bag of food in the background, that usually lasts me a week or so…

If you'll notice my ears are pricked back, here's why: While he was taking these pictures, my master said, "Pork out, fatty!" Well, I lunged at him and he got some pictures of me then, but he was bleeding so bad, the camera got soaked, and those pictures were no good. Oh well, I still get a laugh every time I see his bandages!

My master is such a hoser, eh!


Well, that's all for now. Return to the main page, 'cause I know you can't stay away!